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High priest of the church of you know who

like oh my gawd!

All right

I am gonna put it all down right here so bear with me,
I started playing Magic when ice age came out, so i'm not some stupid noob. When I said this next block was gonna kill magic, i mean it as wizards is running out of ideas and rehasing everything. some new mechanics are cool like scy,
but some are lame as hell. equipment? i thought we all ready had things that boosted creatures we call them CREATURE ENCHANMENTS! why are we stealing a mechanic from yu-gi-oh?
with this new block it looks like were raping L5R which is a sweet game. Bushido? whatever? flip cards? kinda cool
and fro comments about Japan being trendy. i was born in Osaka and I visit there quite often. But the main point I want to say is that magic is slowly dying. Decks based around one card are pretty rare these days. I sooo miss decks like necro, statis and winter orb. Hell some the staples of magic are long gone and will most likely never return (counterspell anyone?) They even killed off my favorite creature types Merfolk Now blue must have every merfolk reprinted as a wizard for the rest of magics life span. Its sad it really is. Why can't older mechanics return. I would love to see buyback return for a block. they let cycling comeback why not buyback.

so in the end whatever I'll always have type 1
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