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An Article

    I recently wrote an article in my own livejournal about the new Champions of Kamigawa and how Horobi, Death's Wail will be a wonderful addition to the Magic world. I sort of wrote it newbie friendly so some of my friends would understand what the hell I was talking about. I hope you appreciate it.

New layout if you haven't noticed. I like the little logo on the top. You may either burn or send me hatemail if you don't like it. It's themed for Magic: The Gathering. Go figure, eh?
I've been playing far too much Magic as of late. I play it every single day no matter what. I mean wow...but the good thing is that I could possibly write for Wizards of the Coast if and when I get that stupid Journalism degree. It would be quite neat to do something I love, and it'd give me a perfect excuse to buy Magic cards like they're going out of style.
Now, onto Magic: The Gathering babble:

Wizards haven't shown too much of their newest addition to Magic, but I'm loving Horobi, Death's Wail. I own a print of both Skulking Ghost and Skulking Fugitive, but I always thought that these cards were rather pointless. If a player targets these guys with any stupid, little spell, then they die--easy enough, right? Right. The Skulkings never got their cut. They were pretty much there as wonderful fodder. Now Horobi comes into the picture with the Skulking ability that it will be sacrificed if targeted by any type of spell or ability--but wait, Horobi also ensures that any other creature will be destroyed in the same manner! Yep. All you'd have to do is Unsummon or use any type of small spell to any creature to make it sacrifice.
Here's the best idea about it: what if you were to use a deck of creatures that target other creatures to heal them or prevent their damage? I actually use a deck that contains creatures who tap to prevent damage. With that idea in mind, it'd be quite easy to wipe an opponent's creature slate clean in a single turn. But keep in mind that a player could easily destroy Horobi, all of your creatures, or wipe the board clean with spells like Marsh Gas, Ensnare, or attack and wipe your side clean with a card like Bloodscent. Some newer players may be wondering how in the hell these things could destroy the creatures. We like to use the phrase "Last In/First Out." This means that if you were to create a physical stack on your table, you'd first throw down whatever the creatures are currently doing, then you'd add Horobi's ability on top of that, then you'd add on Marsh Gas' ability. When you start removing you'd first remove Marsh Gas therefore bringing its text into play, you'd then remove Horobi's ability text therefore destroying all creatures that have been targeted by Marsh Gas, then the creatures would come last. :)
Horobi isn't the end-all by any means, but it'll be a lot of fun playing around with him.

I'm done geeking out, I swear. Goodnight, guys. :)
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