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Mono-Black Madness

    Hey everyone. If you're not too busy, I'd like you to check something out for me. I'd really appreciate some pointers on the construction of a deck for an open, mono-black only tournament this Sunday. I think it's pretty solid considering the card choices that I have.

Unnamed mono-black control deck-60 cards

Swamp x21

Nezumi Ronin x4
Order of the Ebon Hand x1
Odlyic Wraith x2
Hypnotic Specter x2
Abyssal Specter x2
Mephidross Vampire x1

Dark Ritual x4
Megrim x1
Duress x1
Distress x1
Skull Fracture x2
Mind Twist x1
Diabolic Tutor x4
Diabolic Edict x4
Drain Life x2
Wrench Mind x1
Rend Flesh x1
Midnight Convenant x2
Fill with Fright x2
Hymn to Tourach x1

    Please remember that I do have limited card sources, but I think that this deck will do well. It may not win, but it will do well.
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Looks good (I'm not familiar enough with some of the cards to be certain what they do off the top of my head)... but are Hymns To Tourach tourny legal again? *is far, far out of the loop*
The thing is this tourney is open meaning anything goes. You're allowed to have anything so long that it's a black card. The only exception to that rule is the land type. They can be any color--which is definitely an invitation for Strip Mines. Ahh...I wish I had some Strip Mines. =/
Drain life could be replaced by consume spirit. Not much difference but just suggesting. I couldn't find midnight convenant or odlyic wraith??? Since I don't see the deck having many of it's creatures killing off other creatures and living through combat... maybe mephidross vampire could be replaced. Cards that could be used: silent specter (flyer + discard), promise of power (flyer + card advantage), whispering+shade (swampwalk = lots of damage for black mana), and repentant vampire (flying + destroys black creatures at threshold).
One card that could also be used or to watch for would be necropotence.
Good luck!
I want a Necropotence so badly. I've got a small chunk of Necrodeck laying in my lap, yet I can't finish it.

Haha, I told my roomie how badly I wanted a Repentant Vampire. He said he wouldn't test with me if I ordered a playset of them. I possibly have Whispering Shade(much of my collection comes from Odyssey).

Midnight Covenant is a new "pumper" from CHK. It's very cheap to enchant with, and it's even cheaper to use. Odylic Wraith is a semi-expensive swampwalk/discard creature. I thought they'd go quite nicely with the main theme if this deck.

What I have been noticing through testing with my friend is that some will either try my way of winning or try Swampwalk/Protection From. To counter the Protection problem, I've consider my Gutwrencher Oni from CHK. I've thought about this because, to my understanding, the attack power will still trample over the Protection From creature. I'm not sure if I wanna run that because 1)It might throw the rest of the deck off because I'd have to run Ogres, and 2)What if it tramples over something once and dies? What do I do after that?

I agree with you--the Mephidross Vampire has got to go. The main problem I'm having now is that I know what the two main strategies will be in an open tourney like this, but how in the hell can I counter both of them? I've been thinking about this for days now...phew. I'm hoping that I can take away what they need before they can erupt on me.