na (kitznegari) wrote in magicthegroup,

went shopping tonight :) bought -

4 cage of hands
1 venerable monk (brings it up to 4)
2 kami of old stone
1 swords to plowshares (expensive, but looks wicked cool)

and because i'd spent a lot of money in there today, the store owner gave me:
aysen bureaucrats
shield bearer
armor of faith

and i bought 10 plains cards

so i now have 60 cards. yay!

anyway, i'm wondering now... lets say you have a 1/7... like my kami of old stone... this means he hits hard but is easy to kill, correct? so would you play him behind a shield bearer or would you throw him out there and hope for the best or what? if i've just thrown a creature out there and he hasn't had a chance to attack yet... can my opponent get him off the table without me ever having gotten a chance to use him?

i know this is all elementary for you guys, so thanks for patronizing me. :)
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