High priest of the church of you know who (6alpha6omega6) wrote in magicthegroup,
High priest of the church of you know who

cool stuff

Magic officaly died in my area, I have nobody to play with, so I decied to quit playing magic. I'm tired of dealing with people who don't pay on Ebay so I'm gonna offer you guys a sweet deal. All my rares and foils 80 bucks. I got got ton's of uncommons and commons and i'll part with them as well.
I'm sorry for posting this here but you guys are my only chance.

artifacts (28)
suncrusher x2
lodestone myr x2
proteus staff x3
lightning coils x2
tangleroot x2
pentavus x2
arcbound reclaimer x1
myr matrix x1
grid monitor x1
gemini engine x1
leonin sun standard x1
lich's tomb x1
krark's thumb x1
tower of eons x1
salvaging station x1
eater of days x1
timesifter x1
leveler x1
empyrial plate x1
psychogenic probe x1
clockwork dragon x1
black (7)
spoils of the vault x2
aether snap x1
moriok rigger x1
bone dancer x1
grim reminder x1
pulse of the dross x1
blue (5)
blinkmoth infusion x1
spectrail shift x1
retract x1
chromrscale drake x1
lumengrid augur x1
vesuvan doppelganger x1 (unlimited)
green (34)
plated slagwurm x5
living hive x3
molder slug x4
hysterodon x4
River boa x3 (visions)
plow under x3 (urza's destany)
troll ascetic x3
pulse of the tangle x2
glissa sunseeker x1
hum of the radix x1
roaring slagwurm x1
non-basic lands (1)
city of brass x1
red (17)
veteran brawlers x4
megatog x3
cave-in x2
hammer of bogardan x2
flowstone slide x1
vulshok battlemaster x1
confusion in the ranks x1
slobad, goblin tinkerer x1
atog x1 (antiquities)
magma giant x1
white (3)
noble purpose x1
loxodon punisher x1
auriok steelshaper x1
foils (30)
plains x5
forest x4
island x3
mountain x3
swamp x2
tree of tales x2
leonin elder x1
suntoched myr x1
iron-barbed hellion x1
clockwork condor x1
mirrodin's core x1
terror x1
ornithopter x1
arcbound stinger x1
sawtooth thresher x1
all sun's dawn x1
duplicant x1
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